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Join me in building a brighter music learning culture for the Triangle and North Carolina, and get 15% off if you sign up before October

OK, I don’t like to give discounts because they tend to devalue the product (in this case, functional, educated musicians).

But I find myself in the exciting position of broadly rolling out a revolutionary set of research-tested ideas. I’m using these ideas to improve outcomes in piano lessons and music education in general. You can read about the benefits of Music Learning Theory in my other posts.

The point of this post is to let you know that after three years of intense study and on-the-job training, I’m ready to open this up to everybody in the area. Everybody deserves a comprehensive and fun music education that works both as college prep and for any interested student.

Amateurs are welcome. Absolute beginners are welcome! I even have a program for newborns and toddlers!

In the interest of creating a broad community of music learners, I’m offering a discount for new signups. Sign up for lessons before the end of September, and I’ll take 15% off monthly tuition through December.

Call, text, or email today. I’m looking forward to a sea of new faces in the studio this Fall!

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