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Community Piano Lab Fridays: Discounted Rate, Comprehensive Content, No Contract

Piano lab for self-directed piano learners.

Price is $30 per session, more than 50% off my regular rate of $75/hr.

I will be available to teach these classes most Friday afternoons from 4-6pm for ages 10-20, and 6-8pm for 20+.

 Classes will be open but space is limited, so first come, first serve. Call ahead to reserve a spot.

The mission for these classes is to help students with their immediate needs for pieces they’re working on or would like to learn. Goal is to incorporate a wide variety of repertoire, from Classical to modern, including video game and movie music and music learned from YouTube, and student compositions.

We will be learning collaboratively so students will need to be willing to work with others. This will be a broad musical experience that can also incorporate other instruments like voice, guitar, or recorder. 

Note that these classes are not designed to provide a long term curriculum for growth. For that, students should sign up for regular weekly lessons. For these classes, it is expected that students come knowing what they want to learn or play better. These classes will be student-directed rather than teacher directed. I’ll facilitate rather than give assignments.

Parents are welcome to wait in the adjacent waiting area and participate as long as space permits.

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