girl piano musicBirth to age 3:

From birth to about nine years of age, music aptitude is developmental in nature. When exposed to and involved in a broad variety of musical experiences, a child’s potential is increased for a lifetime. Birth to 3 is an especially critical time. They’ve not yet devoted all their processing power to verbal language, and in the right setting they’re able to start to learn music in a similar way to the way they learn their first language. Lessons for this age group are not centered around the piano. Instead, young children are involved in a variety of enriching musical experiences including lots of singing, movement, and interaction. This enables later learning such that the piano and other instruments can become extensions of their innate musicianship. $15/session

Age 4-5:

These are important years for informal learning, both structured and unstructured. Music play continues with lots of singing and moving. During this time we start to incorporate the piano, building the foundations for a healthy technique that can produce a beautiful tone for a lifetime. This age group does remarkable things when they make music with others. We improvise and create in addition to learning pieces in books. $165/month during school year*

Age 6+:

With the right preparation, this age group is ready to begin their formal instruction at the piano. Everything from earlier ages continues: lots of singing, movement, and improvisation will nurture and inform their musical skills for a lifetime. Now they’re ready to learn about Meter and Tonality and to build their vocabulary of Tonal Patterns and Rhythm Patterns. These are the building blocks of music. The broader their vocabulary of patterns, the better they will be able to express themselves through music.

This is the beginning of a logically sequenced curriculum that will lead to reading and theory and continue as far as they want to take it. Through college programs or gigs as they see fit, or just to have an increased understanding of the music they love. $215/month during school year*


Music learning is based on a logical sequence, regardless of chronological age. There is no better time to start learning than right now. You’ll be improvising and creating music in your first lessons. Over time you’ll learn about chord functions and rhythm so you can compose and play music you love. Our approach is not based in shaming students into practicing or for not knowing more than they do. Our approach is based in patience and affirmation and I’m very pleased with the results we’ve been getting over the last few years. Adults, if you’re interested in learning music and piano, you owe it to yourself to give me a call and get started. $225/mo*, or $80/lesson

Community Piano Labs:

We have classes available for adults and kids. I created these classes to fill a couple of needs. First, I wanted to create a place where interested kids and adults from the community could come learn about music even if they weren’t interested in a long term commitment. I teach these at a highly discounted rate to encourage any interested person to learn about music and piano. Second, I wanted to create a place where existing students and others could cross-pollinate ideas, enriching music in the community. We learn music better when we learn with others, and our musical ideals are more meaningful when they are shared. $20/class


*School year runs September-May, listed price is for 31 lessons during that period. Lesson schedule goes up September 1st. Summer lessons are priced separately.

Coronavirus update: Community piano labs have been temporarily suspended, and in-person lessons are obviously not optimal for now. This work is important, and I need you to help me ensure that music learning continues. Online lessons with me for ages 6 and up are as effective as in-person lessons. 5 and under requires some tweaking but I urge you to contact me so we can set something up. They need a variety of music to listen to and move with. I can help you provide that even if we don’t meet in person. This is important work. No language is more than one generation from extinction. I don’t plan on letting coronavirus stop me from helping any age group learn music.

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