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What’s the secret to piano lessons that are fun for children and adults? Lessons that generate big smiles and smart musicians? Leave your name and email below and I’ll tell you.

Update for Fall 2021:

I’m not taking new students at the moment, because I’m working on a project to make effective, fun, and useful piano learning a new normal across the country.

For more information:

1)Please visit and sign up

2)Visit my YouTube channel to learn the skills that should be taught in piano lessons but usually aren’t. Subscribe for regular videos to improve your piano skills, and like and share the videos which will help me create the content and help others learn important piano skills. Leave comments with your own improvisations, questions, and requests for future videos.

3)Stop by the Facebook page to say hi or if you would like to ask me any questions about what you should be looking for in piano lessons, or just let me know where you are in your music journey. I’d love to hear from you!


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