We have all the music in the world...except yours.

Robert Baldwin

Owner and Instructor
Master of Music in Piano Performance and Literature, Eastman School of Music

We offer an inside out approach that focuses on students’ musical thinking and expression. Not on a book, and not on my expectations or anyone else’s. Most modern music instruction is based on teaching about music as an external thing—received knowledge a teacher has to pass on. I help students become attuned to the music that wells up from within. Students improvise from their first lessons and they appreciate gaining tools to think music for themselves.

Coronavirus update: we’ve updated our lesson capabilities to offer online lessons using state-of-the art technology including: 3-camera view so students can see what I’m doing at the piano, top of the line audio hardware so students can hear me clearly, and high speed internet for minimal lag. We’re seeking students from around the world, beginner-advanced, to avail themselves of these features. Few teachers globally are trained and credentialed to teach both audiation and piano technique. We are very happy to be able to provide this service. More info here…


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