16yo loves what he’s learning


“Thank you for all your dedication to teach. [My son] feels strong about continuing his piano learning.”

Suresh Male, Cary, NC

Robert is chill.

“Robert is chill.” This was said by an 11yo student, whose mom happens to be one of the premier music educators in the country!

Natasha Sigmund, Riverton, NJ

6yo is excited for his lessons

“C [6yo son] randomly told us today, ‘I wish I could have a piano lesson every day’….just wanted to make sure you knew how much he was enjoying lessons…he looks forward to it every week!”

Chris Supranowitz, Apex, NC

Thanks for the inspiration

“I’m watching the video and following your commentary (I printed it out). I’ve had to stop the video several times because of tears in my eyes and I need a moment to process. Sometimes I get so focused what I’m doing as a teacher that I don’t remember to get caught up in the moment of making music. I love watching you work with your students. Thanks for the inspiration.” ~~ commented after watching the “MLT-informed large group piano class” video

Hannah Northerns (teacher colleague)

Just had to share

I had to write a quick email to tell you about the boys who have been singing your lessons non stop since we’ve been on vacation…It’s working and I’m thrilled!!!

Julia Wade, Apex, NC

Stretching musical understanding and skills (from an adult student)

“I learned a great deal about music and myself from my last lesson. You are truly stretching my musical understanding and skills, which is just what this doctor ordered. As I have stated in the past, your students are quite blessed to have you as a teacher.”

Christine Channer, Cary, NC

Proud adult student


I think what you have done is incredibly impressive. I’m proud to be your student”.

Ronnie Frost, NC

If Only …

“If only I had a teacher like Robert when I was learning piano. I would still be playing.”

Lilian Henderson

Patient & Creative

I strongly recommend Robert to you. I have worked with him as a church musician and have been impressed with his dedication to sacred music and his very high level of technique and musicianship. God has used his exceptional ability, passion, talent and gifts to touch the lives of God’s people. I can highly recommend him as a piano teacher. I am impressed by his patience and creativity in the way that he works with my son and seeks to reach all his students to share his passion for music.

Karen Whitaker

Phenomenal Teacher

Robert is a phenomenal teacher. He approaches his students individually, taking the time to explore and determine how they learn. He then creatively adapts his teaching style to fit the student, and get results. And, you should see him play!”

John DelVecchio

Positive experience for a 5yo

“Thanks for giving William such a positive first exposure to music! … He’s really enjoyed it and he talks frequently about the songs he’s been learning.”

Anna H

 Brother and sister duo doesn’t want me to move

“Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Really appreciate it. [B and L] really love you. Don’t move to Hawaii. :-)”

B and L


Thank you for inspiring H. with her piano interests this year.  It’s so fun to sit back and watch her grow.  We appreciate all you have done for her!


Edie C.

Caring, funny, and encouraging

Thank you so much for being my piano teacher.  You have been an inspiration to me with your caring, funny, and encouraging spirit.  I will keep in mind what you have taught me as I continue to practice. Your passion for music encourages me to pursue my dreams whether in piano or out.

Stacy S.

Time and energy

I thought you might want to know that K. is REALLY enjoying the piano this year.  I believe the music and talent she is entertaining us with today is largely from the time you spent with her over the past few years…. I know it would have been so much easier and less stressful to give up on her.  I really appreciate all the time and energy you put into developing her skills.

Maureen S.

Teaching more than music

“Thanks for all the wonderful things you’re teaching the kids not only music but also to be a good responsible citizen. We appreciate it very much!”

Han N


“Please relay my gratitude, appreciation and thanks to Bob…for the great job he did on Saturday. It was indeed a very impressive display of musicianship and courage.”

[This was after subbing with one day’s notice with the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra, for a few works including a difficult Gershwin solo!]

William Henry Curry (Resident Conductor of the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra)