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$1,003 raised to benefit orphaned elephants and rhinos at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust!

We got a couple more donations last week, putting us over our $1,000 goal. This has been a wonderful journey for me and I am so thankful to all who participated and donated. I’ve been wanting to combine my passions for music and for conservation, and I’m so happy with the way this turned out. As I said at the concert, our artistry reflects our humanity. And my humanity can’t ignore the plight of wildlife around the world. Apparently many of you agree!

The kids worked so hard to get their music ready, and parents worked so hard to make our event possible. I believe we’ve managed to make a real difference in some great mammal’s life in Africa! The stories of how these elephants and rhinos come to be orphaned are heartbreaking. But the stories of those who work tirelessly to help them are even more inspiring.

Special thanks to Sarah Brooks and Peaceful Piano Studio for joining with us and making this concert such a good time! And it’s not too late to donate here! Kristin Davis continues to match donations until the end of the year, so donations now are twice as effective. As a matter of fact, with her matching funds, we passed our $1,000 goal significantly!

Thanks again. This is truly the best Christmas present I could’ve gotten. I’m so happy to have had you all with me on this journey! As your reward, here is a cache of all the cute baby elephant gifs you can handle!

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