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Halloween Performance Class, Saturday Oct. 26, 5-7pm

Remember we have  performance class this Saturday night.  Drop your kid(s) off at 5, preferably with them in costume.  If the younger kids (under 10) don’t want to stay for the entire class you can pick them up at 5:45.

Here’s what I have people signed up to bring:

Ice, cups: Deb P.

Drinks: Kelly S.

Drinks: Joy L.

Plates, Cupcakes: Karen V.

Eyeballs-on-a-stick: Elizabeth S.

Popcorn: Mysa H.

Plates, cups, napkins: Jane X.

If I don’t have you signed up to bring anything, it would help if you could bring $5 to defray the pizza cost.

Also, does anyone want to bring a pumpkin carved with a piano, or piano keys, or some kind of piano theme?  I don’t think I’m going to have time to get to that before Saturday…  Let me know!


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