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I love these creative achievements by my former students. Please listen!

I’m so happy to have worked with Caveh Davari and Jon Snead, two wonderful former students who continue to study the arts and contribute to the community.

Caveh was my student waaaaay back in the early 21st Century when I taught at Cary School of Music, and then he came back for lessons at my current home studio when he was a little older. Now he’s at UNC Asheville and doing some really cool stuff! Check out his original music and 360 degree animations (Get the full effect! If you don’t see the 360 degree animation here, open in YouTube.):


I met Jon back when I was accompanying at Cary Christian School and then he took some lessons with me as he was preparing to go to Appalachian State in Boone, where he’s currently studying. Jon plays more instruments and participates in more performing ensembles than I can remember, and he’s a prolific composer! These are just a few of his recent works, with Jon’s descriptions in quotes. Click the links to listen:
Super Smash Bros Medley: Jon’s been a Smash Bros afficionado for a long time! This is a performance of his Smash Bros transcriptions performed by the Appalachian State Video Game Ensemble this year.

The Lavender Twig: “Flute and harp duet, meant to evoke relaxation like the scent of lavender. Performance is by Caroline Church (flute) and Ericka Patillo (harp)” I love this one!

Lion’s Tooth–Prelude: “The first movement of a string quartet I’m writing, based on the lifecycle of a dandelion. Recording from a reading by the Madison Park String Quartet”


I’m so proud of these two and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Thanks, Caveh and Jon.

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