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Music Foundations Summer Piano Institute for Audiation and Musical Movement

This Summer for the first time we will be offering weeklong sessions intended to give piano beginners a strong foundation for listening and moving musically. These are the fundamental skills necessary to create, improvise, and read music on the piano. The week will begin with learning to move to macrobeats and microbeats in duple and triple meters, and culminate with an introduction to Tonic-Dominant-Tonic cadences in Major and Minor Tonality.

The curriculum is based on the work of researcher Edwin Gordon, who devoted his life to studying how children learn music. His teaching breakthroughs are slowly filtering into the general music education landscape, and I’m excited to be utilizing his ideas in these sessions.

Session groups will have between 3 and 5 students and will feature lots of singing, ensemble playing at the piano, and improvising. Even students with a few years experience in traditional lessons will stand to benefit from these sessions. The important skills we will cover are vital to developing musical understanding, and are often neglected in music instruction.  Materials are appropriate for ages 6 and up.

Two sessions are currently scheduled: June 19-23, 4pm-6:15pm, and June 26-30, 10am-12:15pm

Cost is $435 which includes materials.

Please contact me to set up a meeting to discuss enrollment. Class will be beneficial for piano beginners, as well as students who have already had a few years of lessons.

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