The music course for all musicians:
singers and instrumentalists, even if you're a beginner

  • Are you the parent of a young child you’d like to enroll in piano lessons?

  • Do you have a teenager in band who you’d like to go further with her instrument?

  • Maybe you’re a young adult producing your own music with a Digital Audio Workstation…

If so you will find success with my 7-module course where you’ll learn how to:

  1. Recognize and play chords in all keys

  2. Improvise bass lines in Major and Minor

  3. Use the powerful relationship of Dominant and Tonic chords to create expressive harmonies 

Pack two years of private lessons into this crash course that will open you up to new possibilities in sound.

Listen to what people are saying…

My kids are singing, playing and improvising after this month of chords.  We LOVE it!!! I know they do too!—Julia Wade, Apex, NC

We just got a chance to hear all of the audio clips from your chord course and we think they are great! I like the way the audio is structured…The pace is just right, so our son found it easy to follow and adjust to it.—Vivek Sahni, Apex, NC

I think what you have done is incredibly impressive. I’m proud to be your student—Ronnie Frost, EDM producer in Orlando, FL

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