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Parents: I’m putting you to work!

By now most of you have received your Basics In Rhythm books.

Here’s the game for Fall:

Students are to pair up with a parent to make a two-person team (see me if a parent isn’t available).

Each team learns at least 3 exercises from the Basics In Rhythm book, to perform for me during a lesson for a score (see letter c below).

Scores will be compiled at the end of the semester, and winners will get a credit applied to their January lesson invoice:

1st place: $50

2nd place: $25

2nd to last place: $10

The Ferengi print:

a)All rhythms must be clapped AND counted by BOTH team-members, along with the CD!

b)Deadline for entry is Dec. 12.

c)Scores will be the average of the 3 most advanced exercises performed.  (if a team does exercises 2, 4, and 6, their score will be 4)

d)Rhythms must be 100% accurate to receive credit (no rushing, no hesitations; all-or-nothing!).

e)Teams are invited to use their weekly lesson time for us to work on improving their rhythm skills.

f)Teams can audition as many times as they would like between now and Dec. 12.  The highest score during the semester will be the one we use to determine prizes.

e)Only one winner per household.

f)In the event of a tie prizes will be divided evenly among winners (teacher’s gotta eat!).

Good luck everybody, and have fun!

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