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Piano student concert Saturday at 3 to benefit orphaned rhinos and elephants

3:00pm, Saturday, Dec. 6 at Genesis United Methodist Church, 850 High House Rd. in Cary. Attendance is free.

I’m teaming up with my piano teacher colleague Sarah Brooks to provide you with an afternoon of piano goodness courtesy of our students. This concert is very near to my heart as we will be collecting funds to go to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The Sheldrick Trust does excellent work in Kenya rescuing and rehabilitating young elephants and rhinos. Many of these beautiful, intelligent, emotional animals have been orphaned because of poaching, human encroachment, and drought.

I encourage everyone reading this to make a donation to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. You can contribute at their website. Or if you’re running low on hankies and wish to avoid crying, you can avoid visiting their website and give your donation to me. I’ll be making a lump sum donation after the concert and posting the receipt here.

On behalf of my foster rhino Solio and Sarah’s foster elephant Mbegu, thank you.

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