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Students Skype with composer Wynn-Anne Rossi for “A Trip Through The Rainforest”

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving five students got to do a neat thing…we had a Skype session with Minnesota-based composer/educator Wynn-Anne Rossi on my big iPad Pro! Rossi was instrumental in inspiring me to organize our Rainforest fundraiser concert this Saturday. I met her at a teacher workshop in Raleigh last year and she talked to me about her 7-piece set “A Trip Through The Rainforest.” I thought that would be a perfect set to organize a concert around, and have the other students play other nature/rainforest related pieces.


During our Skype session, students were able to play their pieces for the composer. Rossi listened and then gave helpful feedback, including insights into her compositional process and her intentions for each piece. It was a fun, meaningful, productive, exhausting time!


You can hear these students play A Trip Through The Rainforest and other works this Saturday at 3pm at Genesis United Methodist Church. Admission is free and donations to Rainforest Trust are encouraged.

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