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Studio upgrade for online learning

I hope everyone’s staying safe and engaged during the pandemic. Our current situation has finally given me the opportunity to upgrade my online lesson setup to provide more value for students.

For the first time, I have an overhead camera view so students can easily see the entire keyboard. As well as a side view so students can see up/down and in/out movements. A third camera adds flexibility for face-to-face communication or a wider room view for movement activites.

The new setup also gives us the ability to host several students simultaneously for group lessons and virtual music gatherings. I’m thrilled that in this time of necessary social distancing, we now have a way for students to come together and share meaningfully.

World-class lessons are now open to the entire world! I’ve been teaching online for several years now. I’m thrilled that with my new setup students can fully take advantage of the capabilities of the internet.

Stay safe out there! See you for lessons!

Waiting patiently for students first day after upgrade…

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